Ben Slatkin, Editor

I started writing in 1990 and began editing in late 1999. Since then I have edited scripted, documentary and reality material, both comic and dramatic, for all kinds of media. From feature films to promo spots, from cuddly puppies to Metallica's stage dramatics, my work has been seen on HBO, PBS, MTV, CMT,  ABCFamily, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, Bravo, NatGeo, Oxygen, We and more.

I'm very excited about my recent work as VFX editor on Universal's new film Night School, featuring Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish. We had over 700 vfx shots to manage (I finalized a little over 250 myself), and it was an education to see this film blend its improv-heavy comedy with several vfx set pieces.

Work includes a Ben & Jerry's web spot; the 2017 MTV Woodies; writing, producing and editing promos for Oxygen Network and cutting comedy sketches for shows on MTV and VH1. Other work for the web includes Moralax, which was featured on The Huffington Post and ran as part of the Hollywood Short Comedy Film Festival

Here is a link to my VFX editor resume and my editor resume, as well as some samples of my editing work.


Editing Samples

Spots & Promos